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effectively spread the knowledge of martial arts but as the clans grew more and more numerously, a faction arose that called itself The Order, which, in effect, ruled the clans with the best martial. In YulGang: Balance of Power players become martial artists and begin their journey through Central Valley, learning martial arts, completing tasks, and mastering skills. It has laga däck a short attack range. An Elder of the ShinMu House. Once this gauge is full, players now enter into Rage Modewhich increases the attack power, and this mode lasts for a certain period of time which varies between levels, character specification, etc. There are two different types of skills:Combat Skillsand Support Skills. Upgrading the first abilitywill help their abilityof healing, the second will help them become an attack-oriented healer, and the third will help them become a better buff-skill provider. Once players join the battle, they will see statues of the story writer and a painter. In addition with the character customization, they will choose on of the following 5 available characters to start.

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Pets are creatures that help players hunt and raise their own characters. Master Skim, he even claims that Blacksmith Chan from TaeHan learned from him ray as cards well. As the blacksmith of ShinMu, saw spiritual enlightenment as a frivolous endeavor.

A member of the, pet, organization.He is sent over to manage pets in the House of Order.

Elder Joe, elder Jasper and Elder Joe are twin anime brothers that work as Elders in the ShinMu House. There are four different types of pets that players can choose from. Investing ability points in Flowing Blade will increase the proc rate of Combo Attacks.