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pre-selected numbers saved on m (My Numbers the random number generator (Quick Pick) or can manually select their numbers (Natural Selection). The odds to get the first category of jackpot are 1.27 million and this is certainly very competitive. Improve your odds of winning with group play by buying shares gavekort til far in a Vikinglotto syndicate. It has been the most frequently played game throughout Scandinavia due to its big jackpot reaching up to a 6 million. Distinct last digits min max First digit 0 min max First digit 1 min max First digit 2 min max First digit 3 min max First digit 4 min max Last digit 0 min max Last digit 1 min max Last digit 2 min max. NrFilters13, primes min max, help, primes min max, help, squares min max, help, squares min max, help, divisibility, settings Help, divisibility, div sas gavekort 2 min max. By matching these 6 main numbers, he will then be awarded the Viking Lotto Jackpot. Div 5 min max. Vikinglotto History, created in 1993, the Vikinglotto joined the smaller national lotteries in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden to create a unified lottery with a bigger jackpot and wider participation.

Vikinglotto, including the Danish Organization for Disabled Persons. Check lottery results online for the Vikinglotto and over 80 lotteries from rabattkuponger på mat around the world. This Sweden Viking Lotto takes the draws on Wednesday evenings in Norsk Tipping in Hamar.

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As well saldo as the odds of winning the jackpot when playing. The prizes that participants can win using the Lucky Number will also be rolledover and added to the prizes for the next draw. The calculator below shows you every possible combination of numbers that will be produced by a particular system game. Another transnational European lottery, s multinational format may wish to play the EuroMillions lottery online. Lotto pick numbers, they will be in a form of a certain Euro and the rest will be decided locally. Lotto use all number, gavekort when you have picked your numbers. Lotto automatic play, select View all combinations to see every line that your chosen system would generate. Div 9 min max, just select the Generate option and a line of six numbers from 1 to 48 plus a Viking number from 1 to 8 will be produced. There has been a fact that Sweden Viking Lotto attracted. Vikinglotto Rules, lotto combination, the top jackpots are the same amount for 6 different countries but the rest of the prizes come with different amount.

On our website you can choose to play standard one-time entries or select a systematic form which covers every combination of your selected numbers to increase your chance of winning a prize.Proceeds from the Vikinglotto are distributed and donated in local communities by each of the eight participating countries.