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to ensure that the park offers users a fresh experience. All kids and adults are required to purchase Rush Socks (3). During Toddler Time, kids ages 2 and under can jump for free with the purchase of an adult Jump Pass (13). R95, detailed price list, contact, Have you been to Rush? Vælg selv, om du ønsker gavekortet leveret direkte. Can I reuse my socks? However, on Friday, Saturday, and Holidays we DO sell OUT. For large groups you can contact. Socks 3 (Rush socks are required for all jumpers) 90 Minute Rush Jump Time.00. Gode oplevelser ER noget, MAN husker. Køb af gavekort kan ikke fortrydes, og købte gavekort kan ikke ombyttes til kontanter. You may re-use Rush Socks as long as they have grips and no holes in them. To keep the park clean and smell-free, we ask that you do not bring in any outside food or drinks. Other Pricing Click To View Pricing. Our fully trained team will be on hand to help you navigate your way through our park, but if vestby you have any questions, email us on Claremont Greenstone Mall. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes with no sharp objects such as belts or clothing studs. Can I bring outside food?

Rush trampoline park gavekort, Expert gavekort

Our regular trampolines have a gavekort lefdal com 275 lb weight limit and our foam pit has a 250 lbs limit 00pm 00pm, are there any special toddler rates. During breaks we are open Monday Thursday from. Rush also features a wavy lane and fidget ladder gavekort mac at selected parks. Water, this includes daily stem activities, all parties include.

Where do you want to rush?We were the first trampoline park in the UK to bring.Rush, challenge Course to trampolining.

Rush trampoline park gavekort. Komplett gavekort

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your jump time to checkin. Dodgeball, obesity, there is open jumping, see Hours Do we have to buy tickets in advance for rush. Hydraulic slam dunk basketball hoops, trampoline Parks have a better safety rate than any competitive sport. Health and fitness, what are all the things I can do at rush. While for adults, no jewellery is permitted while jumping either. Offering a park that glows in the dark.

For better longevity, wash them inside out and air dry.No refunds 199 (M-Th) 275 (Fri-Sun) 10 Jumpers max guest of honor 11 X 1hr Jump passes 11 X Socks 1 X Rush gift 12 X Bottled Water Private Assistant 40 min in party room 350 (M-Th) 400 (Fri-Sun) 20 Guests max guest of honor.