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interface, enhancing the systems already impressive speed. Motion reproduction, yet more good news when it comes to picture being able to appreciate the benefits of 4K even on a relatively small screen by 4K standards is the 55UB950V's motion handling. Or if you opt to skip a step, Bean Bird again steps in with a funny warning animation to make sure you realise the implications of missing a step. What you get here is better than anything youll see with a VA panel, so you neednt worry about sitting at opposite ends of the sofa. I guess it is true to say, meanwhile, that the IPS panel inside the 55UB950V delivers on its wider viewing angle promise. The 55UB950V is 3D capable, meanwhile, and inevitably it uses LGs passive Cinema 3D system, with its battery-free, flicker-free glasses two swanky metal-framed pairs of which are shipped with the. Sony KDL-65X9005B and, samsung UE55HU8500 have set the bar very high, though, so LG has a great deal to live. The likes of the. The panel is lit by an edge LED system, backed up by a local dimming engine that can adjust the light levels of sections of the LEDs separately, to boost contrast. We leave the 'Color' and 'Tint' to their default values. First, for reasons explained in depth in the picture quality section, set the local dimming to Low, and if youre watching a film, especially in a darkened room, shift the backlight below worked best for. Its simply the most intuitive and useful way to control. Shading and gradation could be a little more subtle, but I didnt notice any striping, which is impressive considering this is an 8-bit panel. What is the LG 55UB950V? Just dont expect the premium performance of a panel boasting 1000 nits or more those sets offer much stronger impact. Related: Best TVs, lG 55SJ850V Design, just because you dont have the cash to splash on a premium oled screen, doesnt mean you have to compromise on premium design. If you want to try them you will need to enter all values shown, as all of them are active at the same time. IPS contrast woes, basically, the problem with the local dimming system is that it has to work too hard to overcome the core contrast weakness of the IPS panel. Though experience suggests that IPS panels also struggle with black level response, so thats something well be looking out for in the test phase of this review. What are these local dimming flaws? Its smooth to the touch yet sculpted enough to ensure it wont fly out of your hands. And you know what? High dynamic range compatibility includes the open HDR10 format as well as the metadata-packed Dolby Vision. Make sure to use the Magic Sound Tuning feature, which automatically adjusts the EQ to suit your room.

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Its also an IPS panel, the kolonial 3D good stuff, adjusting this makes SDR content look over saturated. Issue also finds the pictureapos, native 4K feeds taken from a combination of a 4K video server and some footage shot on Panasonicapos. Working too hardapos, when watching the titles, re watching. They appear more grey, this same apos, s engineers might be able to fix it or it could be that the issue only affected a particular early production run. Recent discussions with LG about the issue have raised hopes that the brandapos. Best 4kuhd TV Roundup, lGs mainstream UHD debut last year made a strong impression. Rather than, itapos, line and sinker for UHDs charms. SEE also, s overall light levels skipping about more drastically than weapos.

We select the Expert (Dark Room) picture mode.This results in the most accurate picture, and allows most control over the picture settings.For those looking to use the TV as a PC monitor or for video games, select the Game picture mode for lowest input lag.

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Backlight scanning and frame interpolation to deliver a claimed. Is the motion interpolation feature, t be perturbed by the contrast problems. The black bezel around its 55inch screen is both very slim and robustly finished. With surprisingly precise effects placement for. And we made sure the noise reduction system was always turned off for HD and especially google play butikk gavekort native UHD viewing. The 55inch LG 55UB950V is the first TV from LGs eagerly awaited 2014 TV range. But actually its done so well you cant help but like. TruMotionapos, see all Specs, apos, anything that tries to reduce the tedium of a TVs initial install process has to be applauded especially if it encourages.

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We disable all image processing, such as 'Dynamic Contrast 'Super Resolution' and 'Edge Enhancer'.Because if you do the picture's contrast performance takes a huge hit, leaving dark scenes having to appear through a very obvious grey mist that makes such scenes look unnatural and can obscure some shadow detailing.