How to not lag when streaming

extensions. There is unfortunately no bryne perfect cure for this. In the picture below we see two different Streaming providers. To confirm this as the problem, plug your sparxpres computer directly in to the modem, without the use of the router.

Throttled bandwidth may contribute, often the problem can be caused by periodic interruptions due to poor signal quality in the lines from your modem to your Internet Service Provider ISP 2017, internet Connections, this is the cause of the problem much of the time someone. Re experiencing video lag kino after your computer has been running for an extended period. PC Gaming 1 answer Last reply Mar. Whether due to technical issues or network overload. Seems to do this and uses its SanFrancisco server. But this was just meant as a rough explanation. There are probably more ways for your Streaming provider to handle the streams. And when things go wrong, to fix this you will need to completely shut off any such software. The connection from your computer to your router can be the cause of this issue. Either because gavekort the route from your Provider to him is very fast or no server on the route is overloaded.

To put it simply, you re always going to get some kind of lag when you re streaming.Ping, in this case, is not directly affected; it s influenced by your remaining.Streaming video takes information from the source and plays it on your.

You have software running often without knowing that is using enough of your upstream bandwidth to interfere or is maxing out your routers total connections. To test the connection using a gavekort 3rd party source. Re getting your full bandwidth as promised by your Internet Service Provider.

More about obs stream lags fps fine.Of course, I understand you want your stream to look good.Ask a new question, video Games Stream Processor YouTube Streaming Games FPS Video Twitch obs.